Coastal Florida Police

Benevolent Association

Mike Scudiero, Executive Director
Mike has been a part of the CFPBA team since 2007, starting as a consultant on political and media affairs before joining the staff full time in 2008. He brought with him a decade of legislative, political, and media experience both locally and in Tallahassee while working in radio and later, the Florida House of Representatives. Mike has negotiated over 50 collective bargaining agreements on behalf of our PBA units and has represented hundreds of members in disciplinary and grievance matters. 

Named Executive Director in 2017, Mike is responsible for the oversight of the staff, office, and budget for our association, in addition to servicing the needs of members at the negotiation table and grievance proceedings in numerous local bargaining units.

Mike is a below-average golfer who also enjoys traveling and reading. He and his wife, Dixie, are parents of four and reside in Ormond Beach. 

Greg Forhan, General Counsel
Greg joined the staff at CFPBA in 2013 and has represented our members in grievances, arbitrations, disciplinary meetings, and contract negotiations every day since. Greg is a former police officer himself, and graduated with honors from the University of Florida Law School in 1997.

 Greg came to the PBA after stints as a prosecutor in the 7th and 8th Judicial Circuits. He has also worked in private practice, having handled various matters of law in both criminal and civil matters. In addition to his years of service in labor law to our members, Greg is available to all dues-paying members for legal advice and guidance in their time of need.

In his spare time, Greg enjoys tennis and spending time with his grandchildren. 

Meet the Staff

JJ Woolsey​Staff Representative
JJ Woolsey previously served with the Brevard County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office for 32 years, retiring at the rank of Commander in 2021.

 JJ has over thirty years of professional law enforcement experience in management, investigations, intelligence, documentation, and special operations. He has worked, managed, supervised, or commanded in all areas of law enforcement including assignments in narcotics/vice, general crimes, surveillance, high-profile (major) crimes, organized crime, auto-theft, fraud, crimes against persons, and property crimes.
JJ also served on the BCSO SWAT team during the duration of his career and served as the SWAT Team Commander for over ten years. 

During his tenure, JJ also served as a CFPBA member for over 20 years, and as a Representative for the Sgt./Lt. Collective Bargaining Unit for approximately 5 years.  
As he would like to say, sitting on both "sides of the table" provided him with valuable insight on Collective Bargaining and the Internal Investigation process.
JJ has lived in Brevard County his entire life and currently resides in Rockledge, FL.

Jessica Cresenzi, Administrative Services Director

Jessica began greeting members and visitors at the CFPBA headquarters in Daytona Beach every day since 2015. In the years since, her role has grown considerably, as she now manages the incoming and outgoing finances, facilitates new PBA memberships, payroll, processes vendor accounts, and assists the staff and board members with a variety of administrative needs.

Organized by her very nature, Jessica helps keep the staff focused when times get hectic during contract negotiation season, as well as being a calming influence for our members amid stressful discipline/grievance meetings.

Jessica is a native of Ormond Beach, where she resides with her husband, Corey and their French Bulldog and enjoys spending time with their family.